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Micro Scoop Measuring Spoons - 3 Pack

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SuperDosing’s micro measuring spoon variety pack is excellent for quickly parceling out small quantities of powders, supplements, and lab agents. They make great sample transfer scoops for lab use OR you can pair them with a scientific scale for greater precision to measure powder. The multipack includes 3 different tiny spoons with 4 different measuring scoops (the orange one is two-sided!)

How many milligram measuring spoons do I get?

Each variety pack comes with a total of 3 measuring micro scoops in three different sizes (and colors). The black scoop measures 6 mg - 10 mg. The red spoon measures 10 mg - 15 mg The 2-sided orange spoon measures 10 - 15 mg on one side and 25 - 30 mg on the other side.

Why does the size give a range (e.g. 6 mg - 10 mg)?

Great question! Some supplement powders are super light and fluffy, and some are dense and thick, so the milligram measuring scoop will hold varying weights depending on the density of the powder. We recommend using a milligram scale the first time to measure how much 1 scoop weighs so you know how many scoops to use.

Is there a reason that these tiny measuring scoops are different colors?

It's not just because we like colorful micro spoons! All of our different mg spoons are color-coded for easy identification. Don't break out the measuring tape to figure out which mg scoop is which in your drawer. Pick out the right micro spoon easily with SuperDosing's milligram scoops!

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Micro Scoop Measuring Spoons - 3 Pack

$14.99 $17.99

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